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1963 Ford Falcon Sprint

"Trans AM Racer"


1963 1/2 Ford Falcon Sprint – Trans Am Racer. New and faithfully built to production based SCCA Trans-America Sedan Championship Series of the early 1960’s.


The authentic V8 Falcon Sprint (build VR#0001) is a one of a kind vehicle in a sea of garage mechanic tribute cars and clever TV named resto-mod trailer queens that have no forethought on vintage style, appearance and performance. VR#1 is the way they were built back in the day when two foot stops and power slides got you around Turn 7 at Riverside.


The vehicle features a completely renewed / refreshed Ford 289 & Borg Warner T-10 Transmission with period correct bolt on speed equipment – Offenhauser, Holley, Aviad, Kelsey Hayes, Hurst, Hooker, Borg Warner & GoodYear. New top to bottom custom build, including all-steel body modifications, Shelby style suspension/ geometry, minimalist interior, drive train, 8 point safety cage and overall styling using era correct modifications. Vintage inspired hand polished paint, hand painted lettering and era competition graphics. All original chrome, brightwork and patina remains where possible, to exude a 50 year old barn find.


The Falcon is designed to drive to local car shows, yet delivers performance to be taken to open track days - Willow Springs, Buttonwillow, Cal Speedway, Las Vegas & Chuckwalla. Built to legally compete in SVRA, HSR, VARA. Street legal and clear title with original 1963 black plates & new 2014 CA registration.


VR#1 is serial numbered using brass build plates and registered to new owner as an inaugural member of new vintage racer car club that will tour car shows and track days as gentlemen racers in the Southwest and California.


Experience 60’s style performance in an affordable, one of a kind vintage vehicle.

Available For Purchase or Order - $30,000

Spec Sheet

Vintage Muscle Cars, Big Motors, Open Exhaust & Hand Painted Numbers. Cool.

How We Work

Decide What You are Looking to Build.

Search for Vintage Racers on the Web and collect ideas of the car you want to recreate - the GT350, the TR250, the Grand Sporte. Get ideas. Attend a Vintage Race with HSR, SVRA or Monterey Reunion.

Find a Car.

You need to provide the donor/ build car. It needs to be mostly complete, rust free and not wrecked. Anything we must fix, source or make only adds cost. The more complete the donor, the better it is to the build budget.

Meet with Us.

We will schedule a design review of your build, the overall theme, performance, safety, insurability, and even conformity to sanctioning bodies like SCCA, HSR, VARA, NHRA or SVRA.

Determine Your Budget.

We will create a build sheet of what will be proposed and the number of estimated hours to complete. This will include engine, transmission, steering, suspension, exhaust, body, wheels, interior and compliance with sanctioning vintage clubs or promoters.

Your Car Will be Model 1 of 1. Enjoy It.

You commenced a build of a car that is meant to be enjoyed at the track, or on the weekends at Cars and Coffee. It will turn heads and you will be asked questions. Talk it up to the people that ask. When you refer someone to us, we will make it worth your while. If you decide to sell it. Call us first, we may buy it back from you, or find a buyer. Your in a club now.

Provide the Car. Provide the Coin.

We will evaluate your candidate car and determine its road worthiness, safety and overall needs such as rust or collission repair, missing parts, etc. These will be added to the build list of the original budget. A 50% deposit will be paid to commence the project. 25% will be paid at the mid point of the timeline and the final 25% paid on delivery. Additional hours will be charged at $90 per hour.








$10,000 Paint Jobs or Walnut Dashboards

We like metal - aluminum, steel...the stuff if you ding it, you take a body hammer and straighten it out. A black Sharpie just might be your touch up paint. Call it patina - it's vintage. Our customers don't cry over scratches - they are conversation pieces - "I got that in Turn 9 at Buttonwillow".

Councourse Restorations.

If your looking for the nut and bolt restoration on some rotisserie, we need to send you elsewhere. We build cars to drive and enjoy WITHOUT fret of a chip, scratch or getting dirty. If you do get a chip in the paint because little Johny's scootter fell into it patina and move on. Drive these cars and turn some heads in the process. Oh, we think rotisseries are made for BBQ's - not cars.



We Do Not Build Buckets.

Except for a cool Bonneville Racer, if you want something you call a T-Bucket, then go down to the hardware store and buy one. These things are not "racers" and are just  meant to be driven in a straight line. But they do make conversation for others around you like..."why..."


We do Vintage "racers" from the late 50's, 60's and early 70's. Flatheads OK. Mustangs OK. These cars are mean, nasty and just don't like to ride on trailers. We don't like fancy car names either, like Cuda-zilla, or Mustang-er, or Terra-Camaro. Leave those to the TV shows.



Kit Cars.

Unless you have a Cobra-replica and want to turn it into a faithful recreation of a USRRC 289 Cobra, we don't work on kits cars. We work in metal and we hate body filler & fiberglass, unless of course it's that replica of a cobra - those are about $500K (and up) and very hard to come by - nuff said.


We Do Not Do Trailer Queens.

If you are looking for the Coffee Crusier that looks like a jukebox on wheels, we can't help. But if you like track days, at Willow Springs, Button Willow or Fontana and the raw sound of a V8 at speed around turn 6, then we can scratch your itch.

How We Do Not Work

Engine Bay:

1963 FORD Falcon Sprint "Racer"

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